Two Israeli companies: spying on the world — Jon Rappoport

Two Israeli companies: spying on the world by Jon Rappoport I’m reprinting my article from 2013 below. But first, a quick bit of recent history concerning two little known Israeli companies, Narus and Verint. They have helped the NSA spy on the planet. Narus, in 2010, was folded into Boeing, one of the largest defense […]

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Michigan Citizens


Get your assholes busy exposing who sits inside the State Capital. You want positive change then start taking some of the responsibility!!

People bitch and complain but go on about their lives with business as usual. Our governor has done nothing but cost our state unjustly. Email,call,write letters and show you care.

Yes I have done all I’ve mention and even went steps further and calling all reps out on social media and also private conversations through instant messenger.

Change needs to start within our counties, cities,states. It starts there.